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Natural-Looking Permanent Dentures in Wake Forest, NC.

Sometimes your natural teeth simply do not last a lifetime. No matter the reason for tooth loss, however, replacing the lost portions of your bite will make a huge difference in your quality of life. That is why the team at Premier Dentistry of Wake Forest is proud to provide you with permanent dentures in Wake Forest, NC.

We use the latest technology, tools, and training to provide you with the perfect fit for your full or partial dentures. Not only that, but our trusted dental practice is also your source for the finest in denture repair if you ever run into any problems. Your overall mouth health is very important when it comes to living your best life, and our dentists are ready to do what it takes to help you improve your well-being.

Custom-Fit Partial & Complete Dentures

Losing teeth can play havoc with your life. Not only does it make it harder to speak or eat, but without the bones of your teeth root, your facial muscles and skin can start to sag inwards, giving you the appearance of being older than you are. As well as reinforcing the jaw muscles and preserving the strength of the bones, dentures restore the natural structure of your jaw. This enables you to better retain your youth while also being able to use your mouth as you are used to again.

Schedule an appointment with our highly-qualified dentist today to take back your quality of life through our partial and full dentures. Easy to maintain and comfortable, our dentures are created using the latest technology to ensure the most comfortable fit for your mouth. One of the most exciting modern advancements in dental tech is the advent of 3D printing. Using the power of computer-assisted design, we are able to create custom fit crowns, veneers, and, of course, dentures to the exact dimensions of your mouth.

Two Methods for Your Convenience

There are two methods to preparing your mouth for new dentures – each with its own advantages. The traditional option involves extracting the remaining teeth in your mouth. While your mouth heals, the dentures will be prepared and then installed. Regular adjustments and repairs will be performed as needed until the fit is ideal. While this is often the best way to get the perfect fit, it can take a little while before everything is finished.

The second, more advanced method is suitable for any patients that do not want to spend another day without a mouth full of teeth. After an initial examination and fitting, your new dentures are prepared. Our dentist then removes your remaining teeth and fits your permanent dentures in on the same day. This enables you to eat normally from day one but does mean you’ll have to schedule future appointments for adjustments as your mouth heals.

At the end of the day, getting dentures is still the best option for those who have lost most of their teeth. This process may take some time, but you will be very happy with the results. So schedule your initial consultation and examination today to determine your suitability for dentures.

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Partial Dentures for Total Mouth Health

Are you only missing a few teeth from one section of your mouth? Then it might be a smarter idea to turn to partial dentures instead of the more costly option of using multiple crowns and bridges. Partials provide a lot of flexibility to patients as well as dentists. This makes them a very viable option for spanning gaps between teeth. Many patients actually prefer partials for their convenience and comfort over permanent teeth.

Removable partial dentures are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Once fitted exactly, these replacement teeth are attached to gum-colored plastic bases, using a metal connector to snap into the mouth. This makes them easy to put in and remove whenever you need to clean them or are going to sleep.

Whether you need full or partial dentures, our friendly dentist can help. Contact us today to get the ball rolling! We are just minutes from Wake Forest, Rolesville, Louisburg, Youngsville, Franklinton, Oxford, Butner, Zebulon, Wendell, Henderson, and Knightdale, North Carolina.